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Meat Eater Platter

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– A Delicious Meat Platter with a selection of delectable meats like Drumsticks, Wings, Cocktail Beef Kebabs.

Moeggesukkel Platter 

– A mix of homemade pastries and meats like Vetkoekies, Sausage Rolls, Mini Boboties and everything yummy.

Something Savoury Platter 

– A mix of savouries like samosas , spring rolls, cheesy wheels, Mini Pies and Mini Pizzas.

Fruiti Tuitti Platter 

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– A variety of Seasonal fruit kebabs.

Vegetarian Delight Platter 

– A variety of Pastries, filled with vegetable fillings like Crumbed Mushrooms, Mini Quiches, Samoosas and Spring rolls.

Just- the-right-Snack Platter 

– The “Just-right” Snack Platter is for any occasion and includes Biltong, Carbanossi, Homemade  Chips, Nuts and much more.

The Young Ones Platter 

Little delights for kids; Not too big and yet not too small, not too spicy yet not too sweet – for kids it’s just right. A variety of small Hotdogs, Vetkoekies  , Meatballs, Chicken Nuggets and Fish Fingers.

Something Cheesy Platter 

– A selection of the best Cheeses with crackers and something sweet to compliment the cheese.

The Best Sandwich Platter 

– Our sandwich platter is the best you will ever experience.

Early Bird Breakfast Platter 

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– Exciting and unique  treats scones, filled Croissants, Breakfast on a Stick and much more.

Tea Time Platter 

– A variety of homemade cookies or freshly baked scones and muffins served with Jam and Cheese.

Yummy Gourmet Sandwiches 

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– This platter is our pride, we love to put new flavours together and let you have an explosion in your mouth. Open Canapé’s with Biltong, Feta and Mozzarella, Pesto and so much more.

Our Sweet Tooth Platter 

– We South African love our sweet treats like Mini Melktertjies, Ystervarkies, and Jam tertjies, Koeksisters and that are all on our decadent.