Corporate Functions

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Corporate Functions

  Half Day Function

Morning muffins, Hot beverages and Lunch

Full Day Function

Morning muffins, Hot beverages, Mid-morning sandwiches, Lunch and Afternoon snack

Wedding Catering

– 3 course meal

– 5 course meal


Choose your option of salads, hot dishes and sweet desserts from your choices at the bottom.

Option 1 – Just the most silicate meat that is spit-braaied to your perfection – choice of chicken or beef

Option 2 – Two silicate meats, choice of two freshly made salads, one hot dish

Option 3 – Two silicate meats, choice of two freshly made salads, two hot dishes and one sw eet dessert of your ch.oice

Freshly made Salads

– Greek salad served with homemade salad dressing

– Carrot and pineapple salad

– Butternut salad

– Creamy potato salad

– Tangy pasta salad served with peppers

– Sweet and sour beetroot salad

– Waldorf salad

– Red bean, feta and rocket salad

– Tangy wheat salad

– Green bean and feta salad

Hot dishes

– Mixed veggies (that will be made in the Spitbraai)

– Homemade bun (garlic/white or wheat)

– Savoury rice/mash with rich gravy

– Mieliepap served with freshly made sheba

Sweet Desserts

– Malva pudding and custard

– Fruit salad served with ice cream

– Ice cream table served with cones and yummy toppings

– Peppermint crisp tarts

– Melktert and koeksisters

Corporate functions centurion